Conventional ADSL broadband uses copper wires which come all the way from the exchange.  This can slow down your connection speed if you happen to be far away from the nearest exchange point.

With Fibre Broadband, signals are sent through fibre-optic wire which offer a lightening quick service which does not degrade over time or slow down during peak hours.

There are many benefits to having a fibre-optic broadband service by Direct Comms.

These services include:

  • A fast, reliable and sustained connection due to the transmission of data through a fibre-optic cable rather than traditional copper wires.
  • Lightening quick speeds of up to 300Mbps downstream.

Our engineers maintain a high quality network of fibre-optic cables, helping you go faster online while your data remains safe and secure.

Fibre broadband is perfect for business customers, as it is capable of supporting more users at higher speeds than traditional internet access. FTTP, or F’ibre to the Premises’, is the quickest form of an already super fast broadband option.

Our cutting edge equipment is optimised by skilful engineers to not just handle but excel with the new technology.

This service can also help future proof your business, as customer expectations and bandwidth demands increase.

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